Before you learn about some of the reviews about lawn mowers that are there, it is important for you to understand that not all jobs can be done using an electric mower. Electric lawn mowers are best suited for small lawns or terrains. It is however a good thing for you to know that there are many benefits that you can get from using an electric lawn mower. Some of the advantages of using a corded mower include having less emissions, being quiet as they are being operated, having to use no oil or gas as well as its maintenance being free. 

There are various electric lawn mowers that you can find in the market today and one of the most popular model being the e-Cycler which is from Toro. That model has been made specifically to be used in homes. Some of the features of the e-Cycler include being cordless and also powered by a battery which has a thirty-six-volt system which one can use for seven thousand to ten thousand square feet of lawn without the need to recharge.  Visit: for more information.

The e-Cycler lawn mower battery usually charges to seventy percent within just three hours and if you want the charge to get to one hundred percent, you should leave it to charge throughout the night. The other thing about the e-Cycler lawn mower is that it has a twenty inch cutting deck which has been made purposely for superior mulching. It also has a light weight which is actually just seventy-seven lbs, it comes with a two years’ warranty and it is also very easy to operate. The other company that does so well in matters of offering great electric lawn mowers is the Cub Cadet where you can get either the CC 500 EL or CC 500 BAT models. 

The CC 500 EL lawn mower is both coded and electric which comes with a nineteen inches’ steel cutting deck and the CC500 BAT which has a removable battery that has forty-eight volts. These two electric models use the Cub Cadet CycloCut cutting technology which is meant for superior mulching and they also have a residential warranty of two years. The Neuron company is the other that is very popular in manufacturing electric mowers. The company has two models which are CE5 and CE6 which are both powered by Duracell battery. Learn more by clicking here: